Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy New Year!

All I ask for is a smile on New Year's Eve... do I get one?... not really... sort of.

New Year's Eve at the Hayden's home.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2008 Year in Pictures

We had a lot of fun on New Years. Our friends the Haydens, Liggetts and Rick DeLaRosa came over.

All of us at Soda Springs Ski Resort!

This is a picture of the kids on Easter. It was a few seconds after this picture was taken that Preston made a b-line for that parking lot to the left. I chased him and twisted and sprained my ankle really bad.

This is our Hunter Family last April when Art was put in the Bishopric at church. In the background, you'll see a picture of the new Sacramento Temple. We're excited to have it so close.

Thomas came to the Sacramento area. The boys were so excited... I decided to take them for a ride.

My two dancers in their Tap Costumes. They danced to a song from the movie, "Hairspray."

Tristan with Art and Preston after her 5th grade promotion.(ie: graduation from elementary school)

4th of July outside my Uncle Craig and Aunt Nancy's family cabin at Lake Tahoe. Like I said, Davis has a difficult time smiling.

Kylee and I at the Exstrophy Campout up in Washington.

Halloween Family Night with the DeLaRosa Family. We had cat poop, witches fingers, mini mummy pizzas, salad and spooky punch.

What a nice family picture up at apple hill! You gotta love the rain.

Art and I at Medieval Times. I love this place.

All of us at California Disney... love that exactly when the picture was taken, the monorail went by...

Here we all are looking so lovely. Tristan brought her friend Michaela.

This is our meager attempt to act out the nativity on Christmas Eve.

The Hunter boys having a good time!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Maxwell Detective Agency starring...KYLEE HUNTER

El Dorado Musical Theatre presents Maxwell Detective Agency (Sherlock in Sneakers)

Performances - March 19-21, 2009
(Each cast will perform three shows)

Cast List:

Drew Cast Hardy Cast Holmes Cast
Shawn Maxwell Brooke Osborne Joanna Rehwald Corinna Spicer
Dawn/Don Maxwell Kourney Osborne Christian Cimorelli Claire Soulier
Coach Leah Minney Mandi Burroughs Elle Berti
T.J. Ryan Hicks Julia Janecek Sabrina Voeller
Jordan Zoe Leflar Cambria Weaver Camy Rae Wilson
Peyton Lindsay Alhady Kylee Hunter Delaney Kelleher
Micki Jennifer Heideman Tori Davis Samantha Nelhams
Sherlock Holmes Zach Norris Conner Johnston Kevin Tobias
Eleanor Roosevelt Ireland Bonds Danielle Cimorelli Clara Whetstone