Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Preston's funny of the day upon seeing the sign at his school that read "Drug Free", "Mom, look there is the sign for Red Ribbon Week, it says "Free Drugs"." I said, "Oh No, it says Drug Free." To which he replied..."Mom why does it say Drugs Free? Drugs are bad." They had an assembly and being a kindergartener, I think most of it registered but not all." :-)

Preston's funny for the day... "Mom, if you wanted me to stay a baby, then you shouldn't have fed me."

 I'm in trouble now... Preston (kindergarten) says he has a cute girl in his class... grrreat! I asked him her name, he said, "I don't know,.. she is the one with the pink backpack." He said she also has blonde hair that has one of those things in it. I'm assuming a clip? a headband? :-) LOL!

Forgot today was the short school day on the first day of school... Picked up Preston 20 min late from his first day of Kindergarten. Remembered on my way home from the gym. Oops! He said, "It's okay mom. I forgive you."... as he sat there in the office acting cool with his little swagger. He said he LOVED school today... I promise I won't forget again... Geesh!

 I know it shouldn't be funny but I just thought I'd share Preston's comment. He said he knew how Jesus died. He said Jesus had hang nails in his hands.

 Preston just brought me a paper and said, "Look mommy, I spelled fat. Sure enough in capital letters he spelled out FAT. I'm so glad that was the first word, besides his name, he could spell, write and sound out.

So, to top off Preston's comments of the day... and after being proud of writing the word FAT all by himself... he told me, after a discussion about family history, he wished someone would kill him so he could go visit his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandpa in heaven. Geesh! I sure that doesn't happen anytime soon.

My 4 yr old's funny for the day. "I don't need a coat today mom... it's sunny outside." :-) It was 38.